Do you now Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world? As such it is also the easiest tool to search the virtual realm of the Internet with. As compared to its other competitors, like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer, Chrome is lightening faster and offers an array of hidden tricks to make your job unbelievably easier. Read on to learn about some exciting hidden features of Google Chrome.

  1. Chrome is your default media player

Google Chrome is a powerful media player, by default. You can just drag and drop a media file, either an image or a video, in a Chrome tab and the file will play itself automatically.

  1. The inbuilt T-Rex game

It is unknown to many that Google has incorporated an addictive game to its Chrome browser. Whenever your Internet connection goes off, just tap the space bar. It will launch an endless, thrilling game. You will need to use the space bar and the arrow keys to continue playing the game.


Google-Chrome- Game


  1. Re-open the tabs that have been accidentally shut

Do you still need those tabs that you just accidentally closed? No sweat, if you’re using Google Chrome. Just go to “File” and then, “Reopen closed tab”.

  1. Navigating tabs without a mouse

Send your mouse off-duty by holding down the Ctrl key. Then, just tap any number in between 1 and 9. Each of the numerical keys is internally associated with the different tabs on a Chrome browser. By default, 1 is linked to the extreme left-hand tab on the browser.

  1. Composing emails from a chrome address bar

Google Chrome, unlike the other common web browsers, is a hidden trove of exciting features. You can compose your emails from this Internet browser’s address bar directly. Just type out “mailto:” and then include the mail-id of your recipient in the Chrome browser’s address bar, before hitting enter. This action will prompt Chrome to launch your default mail client with the mentioned recipient already filled out.

  1. Clearing your browsing history, cached data and cookies easier on Chrome

Just go to your favorite Google Chrome browser and open a tab.


Chrome browser history delete


Then, press the combination of Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open up a new window. You may also type out the string given below on the Chrome address bar.


The same window, as mentioned above, will pop up. Doing the remaining fraction of the job will not require brain storming.

  1. Go hidden

Chrome allows you to browse through the Internet in an Incognito tab. In other words, Google will never bother to save your browsing history or form data from the Incognito tab. Go to three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the Chrome address bar and then click on the “New Incognito Window”. Or, you may hit upon Ctrl+Shift+N and access incognito browsing directly from the keyboard.

  1. Locate your Android smartphone easily

The Google Chrome proves to be an excellent tool to help you locate your Android smartphone. Simply type out the following string on the address bar and Google will generate a page that will help locating your handset.

“Find My Phone”

However, you must be logged into the same account across both the devices to make this feature work.

  1. Personalizing Chrome browser

You can visit Chrome theme store and personalize the appearance of the Google Chrome browser on your machine. The URL to log into the theme store is:

  1. Do a barrel roll

Just type out the string on the address bar of your Chrome browser and enjoy the fun that follows:

do a barrel roll

These tricks make Chrome endear to you even more, isn’t it? Just try them out yourself at times and you’ll enjoy your work even more.

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