At first, we need to understand why the speed performance of WordPress website is so important. According to the study, it has been proven that average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in the last 10 years. It means that you have little time to present your content, in the best way, to your visitors so they are attracted and stay on your website for a long time without losing interest and patience. It the website is slow the visitors will leave it before it even loaded. Have a look below at the 5 simple steps you can do right away that will enhance the overall speed of your WordPress site.


Make Sure All Plugins, Theme and WordPress Core is Up to Date

You must be thinking that this would be common sense right? Well, when it comes to site owners or managers who are completing updates in a timely fashion it is not common. These updates can often include performance enhancements. This means that the code plugins, themes, and WordPress core are using to run could potentially run faster with use of the newest versions. Do not be afraid to update. Embrace it and do it when needed. You can implement a good backup strategy to keep you worry-free.


Do Not Be a Plugin Horder

Plugins are the foundation of adding awesome functionality to your WordPress site. In fact, in all the years we have been offering instant WordPress support, we have never come across a site that is not using any plugins. In other words, if you want to improve WordPress Speed you need to be very selective in the plugins you desire to actively run on your site.


Use Advanced Caching Mechanisms With a Caching Plugin

WordPress caching plugins (e.g. W3 Total Cache) have been there for a long time, making the complex tasks of adding caching rules to your website elements easier.


Use CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

The people who visit your website belong to various locations in the world, and needless to say, the site-loading speed will differ if the visitors are located far away from where your site is hosted. A CDN keeps a copy of your website in various data centers located in different places. The primary function of a CDN is to serve the webpage to a visitor from the nearest possible location.


Reduce Image Sizes

Images are the major contributors to size increment of a given webpage. The trick is to reduce the size of the images without compromising on the quality.


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