Considering the cost of server space and load time uploading video to your website is not a good idea. Instead adding YouTube video or YouTube playlist to your WordPress site is a smarter option. Its very simple and easy.

How to add a YouTube video to website?

There are two methods to add a YouTube video to a WordPress site. Let’s begin with the simpler method.

Method 1

Open the video in YouTube.

Copy the URL from the address bar.

Paste the copied URL to the Visual editor (Fig. 1) of ThemeLines builder.

Embedding YouTube video in Text editor

Fig. 1


The video gets added to the blog post.

Embedded YouTube Video

Fig. 2


Though this method will not allow altering the dimensions of the preview window. So there is an alternative.

Method 2

Go to the Share option with curved arrow symbol just below the Subscribe button. Move to the Embed tab adjacent to the share tab. Copy the embed code that appears below.

Copying the Embed Code

Fig. 3


YouTube playlist can also be added in a similar.

Now paste the code onto the Text editor (Fig. 2) of the ThemeLines builder.

Pasting code to Text Editor

Fig. 4


The YouTube video now has been successfully to your blog. You can alter the height and width of the preview window by making changes in the code.

Embedded YouTube video

Fig. 5

Now you can Save Draft and Preview the changes.

You can also add videos from other websites to your WordPress site. read our blog “Embedding Video in WordPress site” to know how it is done.

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