Why Use Drag and Drop Page Builder?

There are various drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to customize every component on your site without writing a single line of code.

These components can be anything like adding multiple columns, parallax backgrounds, full-width images, content slider, etc. Users can use these components as blocks to build their own layouts within their WordPress themes.

Since there are a different type of WordPress drag and drop page builders, some of which are part of theme frameworks while other plugins.

Pros of Drag and Drop Theme? – All in One Functionality

Page builder plugins are, for the most part, a one-stop-shop for all the cool on-page functionality that really sets a website apart. Just like image carousels, content grids, social sharing buttons, pie charts, pricing tables, call to action buttons.

To achieve these results without a page builder, you’d have to install loads of dedicated, single-feature plugins. If you were to take the premium plugin route, the cost of all those plugins would really stack up – and that’s before we consider the research involved in finding the right plugin for each purpose, the learning curve for each plugin, and the time it takes keeping those extra plugins up-to-date.

In other words, without a page builder, you might need to install six, seven, or even eight plugins – and who knows, maybe more. With a page builder, you just need one.

Beautiful, Custom Layouts

With a page builder plugin installed, you can flex your creative muscles and build your website as you’ve always envisioned it.

Page builder plugins essentially give you a blank canvas from which you can build. This gives you the opportunity to craft stunning, tailored layouts to really wow your visitors — if you can think it, you can create it. To help out the creatively challenged, myself included, many page builder plugins provide pre-built templates as a starting point.

No Coding Required

Another of the main advantages of page builder plugins is that you don’t need to know a single line of code to use one. For any non-developers out there, this is a major draw.

Most page builders include a user-friendly interface, usually with drag-and-drop support. This makes it super easy for you to add modules to your page, and then rearrange and resize them.

Many page builder plugins also include a front-end editor, which means you can play with your layout on a working version of your site — this is ideal for seeing how the page builder modules integrate with your theme’s existing design elements.

If you can’t code very well, all of this would take weeks to create from scratch — and with mixed results, too. With a page builder plugin, you can be up and be running with your custom website in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Cons of Page Builders

The reality is that every page builder out there solves some problems at the expense of others. This is a problem for developers. Constraints that shouldn’t exist for a developer coding a theme are suddenly introduced and these constraints slow them down and create quick frustration.

Page builders, especially drag and drop ones, require a lot of clicking. That’s a lot of mouse work. And that means that page builders, by their very nature, can be slower than simply writing code. And trust me, I’ve never met a serious developer who wants to use their mouse. It’s about speed and the mouse slows everything down.

Page builders are power tools.


Cleanify is powered by the ThemeLines builder the new theme is fast, easy to use and better optimized to suit your needs. You can avail this multipurpose WordPress theme to transform your ideas into reality. Be it a blog, corporate or business website; mesmerize your visitors with a fluid UI and eye-catching landing page. The new Cleanify theme qualifies the GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights standards.

Cleanify is a powerful drag and drops WordPress page builder. It is built from ground up for speed, and you will immediately notice how fast and responsive it is. It comes with modern design with clean, colorful pages. It sports multiple blog layouts and pages. Also smooth animations and easy unlimited sidebars manager.

A child theme is also compatible, custom CSS integration. It also supports one-click optimization options to speed up your site. It comes along with custom 404 design. Easy post or page or custom post drag and drop re-ordering. You can create custom widgets and convert any part of a page into a widget location.

Therefore I will recommend Cleanify, use it.


It seems that WordPress users can’t get enough of the all-in-one page builder plugins and multi-purpose themes. With so much demand out there, it’s little surprise that top developers have released a number of fantastic products to meet our needs.

The benefits of page builder plugins are there for us all to see: lots of awesome functionalities, cool designs, and a shallow learning curve.

There are some drawbacks, but it’s worth pointing out that many developers are working to address these known problems. This means that going forward, we’ll have a better quality plugin, and installing a page builder will become an even more attractive proposition.

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