How To Choose The Perfect Website Builder?

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Needless to say but a website is the basic and prime necessity of any business these days. Also, today, website builders offer business owners a way to create their site on their own, quickly, and at a much lower cost than creating a site from scratch. The reason behind this remains that they....

Benefits of Drag and Drop Page Builder

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Why Use Drag and Drop Page Builder? There are various drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They allow you to customize every component on your site without writing a single line of code. These components can be anything like adding multiple columns, parallax backgrounds, full-width images, content....

Do You Wish To Instantly Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress?

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Sometimes when new specifications on your website, you may need to switch back and forth between users accounts with different user roles. While you can manually log out and log in to a new user account, it is the most inefficient use of your time. Let us see how to....

Top 5 Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders

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Website building can be both awesome and complicated as a job, even if being an experienced developer. Now, platforms like WordPress make the work definitely easier. However, even after this, the extra effort needed is placed by WordPress drag and prop page builders. So, basically, Page builders are tools that enable developers....

Top 5 Email marketing and SMTP Service Providers 2018

Sandy Barnes News 1 Comment

Digital marketers are always in the search of an e-mail delivery service which is reliable, effective, affordable and secured. Use of whitelisted servers, speed, ease of use are some of the most sought-after features by a marketer. The service should also provide options to be integrated across platforms apps, making....

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