Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website From Hackers

Sandy Barnes WordPress Security No Comments

WordPress Website is definitely one of the most beneficiaries being offered to publishers for its large numbers of plugins and themes. Then again, every single thing has its share of negativity and WordPress is no less exceptional. For instance, the malicious keylogger, which infected over 6,000 WordPress website has been definitely....

Why is WordPress the best for all Websites?

Sandy Barnes Wordpress No Comments

As per the recent reports published by W3techs, a service run by Austrian consulting firm Q-Success, that surveys the top 10 million sites ranked on Alexa, WordPress content management system (CMS) now powers almost 30 percent of all sites on the web. WordPress is quite remarkable, having made a distinctive mark for....

Top 6 WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Sandy Barnes WordPress Plugins No Comments

These days online platform is perhaps the most used one. Everything happens online, and everyone prefers to check it online before they purchase anything or they visit any business place. But, what if users are provided with the utility of making an appointment directly from the WordPress site? Yes, this is....

Top 5 VPN Services for WordPress Users

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VPNs are much in vogue these days due to privacy and security concerns. VPN is the short form for the virtual private network which allows users to protect their privacy, secure information, and bypass censorship. But before anything else let’s know a bit more about VPN and its impact on WordPress. What....

Installing WordPress: The Application

Max Tyler Installing WordPress Wordpress No Comments

WordPress is well-known for its easy installation. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Nowadays, many web hosts do offer tools to automatically install WordPress for you. However, if you do wish to install WordPress yourself, the following guide....

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