History stands witness to the fact that blogging platforms have come and gone. But, there’s an exception to this sequence by the name WordPress. This robust content management system came into existence since 2003 and is one of the most popular blogging software applications all over the world. There are several reasons behind such overwhelming popularity of  WordPress, some of which are summed up in the following paragraphs:

  • Unbelievably user-friendly: WordPress has literally redefined the overall approach to web development. Unlike the most of its predecessors, it has an intuitive interface. Thus, you can easily keep adding new pages, images, blog posts and embed Twitter or Facebook threads to your content. Each of these tasks is easy to accomplish and hardly takes much time.

    Embedding Twits in WordPress Blogs

  • WordPress sites are more easily manageable: WordPress is basically browser-based. Thus, it allows you to log in from any computer, which is connected to the virtual web. Unlike other websites, your WordPress website is more easily manageable.
  • Cent per cent customization of your website possible: Businessmen and women anywhere in the world believe in making the best out of their investments. Your business website, powered by WordPress, can be easily 100% customized to suit your unique needs and taste. An infinite range and number of WordPress plugins are readily available across the Internet to help you customize your site. Thus, you can literally perform cosmetic treatment to change the look and shine of your brand and improve the user-experience on your website.

WordPress Plugins

  • You enjoy the total control: Your WordPress-powered website enables you to be in absolute control to implement the simple updates, without depending on your web designer. More, you don’t need to be a computer wiz nor technically sound, in order to perform these tasks.
  • Google loves WordPress websites: WordPress offers a set of clean, simple yet effective codes for the back-end. Thus, Google and other major search engines have a ready liking for your responsive website, as they can easily read and index your site content. Moreover, every page, post, and images can have its own and unique meta content, which includes tags, descriptions, titles, and others. These elements help to improve the quotient of search engine optimization of your website.

Google prefers WordPress

  • HTML editing and FTP software not required: The beauty of WordPress is it happens to be a self-contained system. There’s no need to use HTML-editing software applications (like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute). The CMS allows you to perform a host of activities, including creating new pages or blog posts, uploading images and editing them, formatting texts, uploading documents, image galleries, video content and others without the requirement of any extra FTP or HTML software application.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are hosts of readily available WordPress themes to cater to your unique needs and preferences. There’s also a robust online community to seek help and support regarding any WordPress-related issue. Last but nevertheless the least, you can easily extend the functionality of your WordPress website through the plug-ins available across the virtual web. Considering all these factors, it is obvious WordPress is the undisputed king in its given domain.

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