What is Cache and When Do You Need to Clear Cache?

Caching solutions store a static version of your WordPress website. This allows WordPress to skip running the heavier PHP scripts in your site and thus improves website performance of your site.

WordPress has a fairly intensive database so it’s highly recommended to host your WordPress site with a webhost that provides built-in caching tools or to use a 3rd party Caching plugin. Cache greatly speed up your WordPress site it thus also reduces some headaches when making updates and/or changes at your site. Below is a list of all the various guides explaining how to Clear Cache in WordPress Site.

Hosting Cache

Some of the best managed WordPress hosts include built-in caching functions and they can be cleared/flushed easily. Below are some screenshots showing how to clear the cache for these popular hosting sites, if your’s isn’t one of them you’ll need to look up directions on their hosting site.


The button to clear your cache in Media temple is located in it’s own admin panel at the top of the WordPress dashboard.

WPEngine Clear Cache


To clear your Godaddy cache you’ll want to use the “Flush Cache” link located in the WordPress admin bar.

Flush Clear Cache

Site Ground

Site ground uses “SuperCacher” for their caching and it has it’s own admin panel so you can quickly clear all the cache as well as enable AutoFlush and Dynamic Flush.

Supercacher Clear Cache

Caching Plugins

Below are some screenshots showing how to clear the cache for the 2 most popular WordPress plugins:

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the most popular WordPress caching plugin. It allows you to clean or purge all cached content with a single click.

You need to visit Settings » WP Super Cache page and click on ‘Delete Cache’ button.

WP Super Clear Cache

Clear Cache in W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another popular WordPress caching plugin. It also makes it super easy to clear cache with one click.

Head over to Performance » Dashboard page and click on ’empty all caches button.

W3 Total Clear Cache

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