What is Breadcrumbs exactly?

A Breadcrumb is an important element of a web site navigation, which to boosts its usability. Especially it concerns to a sites with a complex structure. The use breadcrumbs on our sites is because of its structure is very simple. Each link can be used to direct your users to specific pages as well as be a helpful utility in the event that a user needs to visit a previous page or find out what page they are currently on if it is unclear.

Why create Breadcrumbs using Bootstrap?

Every website necessarily doesn’t require breadcrumbs. It is much more common to see breadcrumbs on larger eCommerce based websites or web services like Dropbox or Box. The whole idea of breadcrumbs is to make the experience as easy and user-friendly as possible. Most sites who utilize breadcrumbs do so based on the content.
However if you’re concerned about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which you should be, then breadcrumbs also help you with that. Having links present helps search engines find your websites links more efficiently. A good internal linking structure makes it easier for bots to crawl your website.
When it comes to modern websites were aren’t not too sure if breadcrumbs are still popular but we find them pretty useful when navigating around. We have put together a simple function that would add breadcrumbs to your WordPress theme styled with CSS from Twitter Bootstrap.

Creating Breadcrumbs using Bootstrap

The following code of breadcrumbs needs to be added to the “functions.php” file between PHP tags:
Breadcrumbs Using Bootstrap

Editing Breadcrumbs using Bootstrap

With that in place the following code of breadcrumbs needs to be added to display the breadcrumbs in any “custom-template.php” you want or in “page.php” or also in “header.php”bootstrap_breadcrumbs1

With everything in place we would get breadcrumbs which look like this in your website:bootstrap_breadcrumbs2

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