There are many effective ways to create a custom website in WordPress. Best way is to create a custom page template and customize the page as per needs.  WordPress flexible structure allows you to add structural variations or highly customized functionality to your website. In short templates are the files which tell WordPress how to display different types content and different styles in a page. So that appearance can make them unique and a lot more useful.

What is a Custom Page Template ?

By default WordPress has its own default file called page.php which allows you to create posts and pages. To create a custom page template you need have basic concept of HTML, CSS and PHP .

Lets create your fist custom page template in WordPress.

Creating A Custom Page Template

Create a php file and add the code below inside PHP tag :

/* Template Name: Custom Template */

Now save the file like “custom-template.php” and upload it onto your current theme or child theme , which can be found inside /wp-content/themes/ directory.Custom Page Template

Now login to your WordPress admin panel to create a new page or edit an existing one.

On the page editing screen, scroll down to ‘Page Attributes’ section, and you will find a template drop down menu. On clicking, it will allow you to select the template which you have just created.Custom Page Template

Editing Your Custom Page Template

Using FTP client or Cpanel go to theme folder and download “page.php” file . Open this file in your editor and copy the content . Then paste this content in the file “custom-template.php” except the header part.Custom Page Template

You can now continue editing the “custom-template.php” file to match up with your design. Like you can remove the sidebar or you can put any custom text .

Save the file and upload it into the theme folder. Assign this page template to a page that you wish to design.

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