Themelines Modules: This option allows users to add some dynamic features to a page, depending on the genre of the website or, the target audience it caters to. Also, this time the new and updated version of the Module provides the users with choices in the column section, starting from a one-column section and extending to the 6-column section.

In addition, this time the Module is a clubbing of several Elements, each carrying their own updated and distinct features.


  • Title: Add a title of your own choice and then modify it more, from the options provided.
  • Text BlockAdd the Content body and then edit the way you want.
  • ImagesAdd your own image or choose from the ones given in the gallery.
  • RowAdd the rows as per the needs of the content.
  • Post Slider: Enhance your post and view all the details attached to it.
  • Post ColumnEnhance your post and view all the details attached to it,  in addition to a column.
  • Developer: The technical zone where coding is done.
  • Block Module: Describes the Block Module with the options provided.
  • Banner: Adding the banner to any page.
  • Testimonial: Displays the testimonial added to the site.
  • Call to Action: Take a specified action at a quicker pace with this option.
  • Accordion: Use the accordion option to hide or show the HTML content.
  • Tabs: Add tabs and then enhance with the given options.
  • Testimonial Column ViewDisplays the testimonial added to the site, in a column structure.
  • Team: Displays the list of team members.
  • Divider:  For dividing the sections of the content, use this.
  • Gallery: Add responsive galleries and albums to your website.
  • Widget Area: Adds widgets to the content.
  • Progress Bar: Shows the rate of progress of the work and the things need to be changed.
  • Slider: Adds Slider to the content.
  • Available Widget: In addition, these are the widgets provided.