Themelines Page Builder lists quite a number of features for the enhancement of the title, clubbed together under the Style section.

Firstly, choose the color of your choice from the options given. Then, choose, change or modify the title from options that follow thereafter. Now, you have the options to edit or change the title whenever you want.

The modification options include:

  • Font Size- Choose the font size of the title.
  • Line Height- Choose the line height of the title.
  • Font Style- The Font Style will be shown in Bold, Italic or Normal.
  • Text Align- Place your text, left, center or right with this option.
  • Margin- Add a space between two sections with this option.
  • Padding- Add a space inside the section with this option.





The last section states of the Custom CSS, where you can add your own styling other than the options provided above.