While writing a blog sometimes it becomes necessary to refer to a video. The video might be very useful in describing the topic, thereby adding value to the content of the blog. But a website might not allow to download the video. Even if the video could be downloaded its not a good idea to upload the video to your website. Since uploading a video to your site will increase its load time and also there is server space constraint. So the best option is to embed a video in your WordPress blog.

How to embed a video in WordPress site?

Go to the video you want to add, lookout for the embed symbol “<>” below (Fig. 1) and click.

Embed a Video to WordPress site

Fig. 1


Now copy the embed code that appears.

Embed code of a video

Fig. 2


Paste the copied embed code into the Text editor of ThemeLines builder.

You can alter the dimensions of the video preview by making changes in the respective sections of the embed code.

You can also add YouTube videos to your WordPress site. Read our blog Adding YouTube Video to WordPress Siteto know further.

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