It often becomes necessary an useful to include a Facebook post in a blog, so as to make it more relevant. Referring to a status or a post in Facebook might also add value to the content. A screenshot can be used, but since it cannot redirect you to the specified tweet so your purpose will not fully be served. It is in this context that knowing to embed a Facebook Post comes to use.

How to embed a Facebook post?

There are two ways to embed a Facebook post into your blog. Let’s discuss one by one.

Method 1

Go to the Facebook status/post you want to mention. Right click on the time-stamp (Fig. 1) and open in new tab.

Timestamp of facebook post

Fig. 1


Copy the URL from the new page that opens.

Copy Facebook Post URL

Fig. 2


Now paste the copied URL onto the Visual Editor of ThemeLines. The post gets embedded.

Embedded Facebook Post

Fig. 3


This method is the easier one but has its cons. The post embedded by this method will have an unnecessary padding to its right as shown in Fig. 3. The height and width of the post also cannot be altered. To dodge these issues we can follow method 2.

Method 2

The top right corner of a Facebook post contains a down arrow symbol. Select the Embed option (Fig. 4) from the drop down menu that appears.

Facebook Post details

Fig. 4  


Next, A new dialogue box with an embed code opens up. Copy this code.

Embed Code dialogue box

Fig. 5


The Visual editor of ThemeLines builder will not allow embedding the post. Open the Text editor tab instead. Go to the appropriate section of the content and paste the code.

Embedding code to text editor

Fig. 6


You can also alter the height and width of the post by changing the same in the embed code.

Congrats. The Facebook post has been successfully embedded into your blog.

Embedded Facebook Post

Fig. 7

Now Save Draft and Preview the changes.

Tweets can similarly be embedded in a blog. To know how a tweet can be embedded visit our blog titled Embedding a Tweet to WordPress Post or Page” .

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