A menu is quite essential and has a significant role to play in any kind of website. Mega Menus allow users to add multi-column drop-down menus to the navigation with resourceful media such as images and videos. So, in this article here are the steps to add a mega menu to the WordPress site.

But, even before that, the question remains why and who should add Mega Menu in their WordPress Sites?

Now, Mega Menus are particularly helpful for websites with a lot of content as this enables website owners to show more items in their top menu. Also, popular websites like Reuters, Buzzfeed, and Starbucks use mega menus to display highly engaging and interactive navigation menus.

Here, it needs mentioning that even if default WordPress navigation menus let the users add drop-down sub-menus and even add image icons next to each item, so, here, in this case, a mega menu is needed sometimes.

Now, the following steps to easily add the mega menu to the WordPress website:


1.Install WP Mega Menu plugin:

Like any other WordPress plugins, users might as well install this website in two different ways. So, first users need to visit the Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Then Search and find the option ‘WP Mega Menu’ and then click on the ‘Install Now’, then activate the plugin when the Activate button appears.

Install WP Mega Menu plugin

The other way also states that the users might as well download the WP Mega Menu plugin from WordPress directory. Then open the WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Then upload the downloaded ZIP file there and click Install Now.

upload the downloaded ZIP file

After the successful installation, the system itself would ask the user to activate the plugin.


2. Creation of the Menu:

Creation of the Menu is ensured by going to the users WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Then this new menu gets created and this is how WordPress lets the user create a menu by default.

Creation of the Menu


3.WP Mega Menu global settings:

This denotes the user’s first step into the Plugin. Users just need to search for the WP Mega Menu in the Dashboard’s left sidebar and then click on WP Mega Menu.

WP Mega Menu global settings

For the setting up of the Menu, it is necessary to click on all the required options.

setting up of the Menu

The determination by the user of where they want to show their menu by clicking on the any two of the options found at the top.


4.Creating a theme for the Menu:

Menu themes demonstrate the styling and behaviors of the menu powered navigation bars. So, for the creation of this menu theme, users need to go to Dashboard > WP Mega Menu > Themes. Also, users can either create a new theme or import if the one they had before. Then users just need to Click on the Import Theme or Create New Theme button to perform the action.


5.Mega menu element settings:

Users need to visit WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. WP Mega menu option would then appear upon the hovering mouse on the menu items.

Mega menu element settings

Users then need to Click on that to set the elements up. Then after the setting of the Mega Menu option to ‘Yes’ a click on the Add Row is required to take rows and column. Then users might as well also select a menu theme from the left side.

Click on that to set the elements up

Users might as well click on the wrench icon on a widget to edit the widget settings. But after those users should remember to click on the save button to store widget settings.

Once everything is set and done, users can close the popup and visit the website to see the mega menu in action.


the mega menu in action

In all probability, these steps have been definitely beneficial for the users in the creation of a mega menu on WordPress.

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