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Top 5 Ways Of Adding Tables In WordPress

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adding Tables in WordPress
It is true that WordPress comes with an inbuilt visual post editor, but even after that, there are certain things it cannot perform. So, Tables are basically an essential tool to present data in a comprehensible format. Moreover, tables offer the most practical method of displaying large sets of data....

Top 10 best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins – Part I

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Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins
Viewable and printable PDFs are always the best options, especially for a class website, in comparison to printed hangouts, which would ultimately have its fate ended in the trash bin. Further, the idea of copying and pasting the PDF content into a blog post is a formatting and printing nightmare. So,....

Easy Tips to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Properly

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Easy Tips to Uninstall WordPress Plugins Properly
After installing WordPress, it is natural for anyone to install the plugins. The plugins help to add more impressive features and gain greater control over the sites. In course of time, when both the site and the site owner’s skills expand, certain plugins prove to be useless. Thus, those unnecessary....

Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

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Did you know that WordPress powers approximately 26% of the web? As a result a lot of plugins and themes have emerged around WordPress eliminating the need to code to build new website capabilities and features. There are over 50K plugins in the WordPress directory and these plugins are developed to....

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