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Top 5 VPN Services for WordPress Users

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5 best VPN Services for WordPress
VPNs are much in vogue these days due to privacy and security concerns. VPN is the short form for the virtual private network which allows users to protect their privacy, secure information, and bypass censorship. But before anything else let’s know a bit more about VPN and its impact on WordPress. What....

Embedding Video in WordPress site

Max Tyler Tips and Tricks Wordpress No Comments

While writing a blog sometimes it becomes necessary to refer to a video. The video might be very useful in describing the topic, thereby adding value to the content of the blog. But a website might not allow to download the video. Even if the video could be downloaded its....

Adding YouTube Video to WordPress Site

Max Tyler Tips and Tricks Wordpress No Comments

Considering the cost of server space and load time uploading video to your website is not a good idea. Instead adding YouTube video or YouTube playlist to your WordPress site is a smarter option. Its very simple and easy. How to add a YouTube video to website? There are two....

Embedding a Facebook Post in a Blog

Max Tyler Tips and Tricks Wordpress No Comments

It often becomes necessary an useful to include a Facebook post in a blog, so as to make it more relevant. Referring to a status or a post in Facebook might also add value to the content. A screenshot can be used, but since it cannot redirect you to the....

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