Get more of the top 10 best PDF plugins for WordPress Site (After Part – I)

6. Vanilla PDF Embed

Vanilla PDF Embed

This PDF viewer is named like this for a reason. The basic, minimalist user interface drops a PDF in the post without any prior notice. There is no premium version to it, so the things like page jumping, searching, zooming and printing is done without having to pay any amount. The PDF file will be embedded with the default settings at that location as if it were using embed.

7. Google Doc Embedder:

Google Doc Embedder

This PDS viewer enables the user to embed several types of files to the WordPress pages using free Google Docs viewer, enlisting inline viewing and even the optional downloading of a wide range of popular file types, with no requirements of the Flash or PDF browser plug-ins. Also, no premium version is available for it, so all the features stated are given for free.

8. BSK PDF Manager

BSK PDF Manager

BSK PDF Manager is the best file manager for PDF files, when it is most needed to upload the PDF files, to categorize them, display them as lists or even needed within a single download. It is very user-friendly and is done by copying the shortcodes into the page/post, where it is required and then it would show the link in the user’s page/post. For better usage, the upgrade to the Pro-version can also be done.

9. DK PDF:


DK PDF enables the site visitors to convert posts and pages to a PDF with the help of a button. It comes with an easy interface to setup the placement of the PDF download button and helps in creating the user’s own custom header and footer for PDF downloads. The plugin also comes with shortcodes. This further allows the user to control what content goes inside the PDF. Lastly, the content which the user doesn’t want to include in the PDF can also be hidden.

10. PDF thumbnails

PDF thumbnails

The PDF thumbnail generates a number of thumbnail on the first page of the user’s PDF file during the upload. Now, this PDF file and the thumbnail image remains as two distinct files. So, the users need to manually insert the generated thumbnail and then link it to the PDF file.

Thus, now the users won’t have any further difficulties in choosing the perfect PDF viewer plugins for their WordPress Sites.

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