Digital marketers are always in the search of an e-mail delivery service which is reliable, effective, affordable and secured. Use of whitelisted servers, speed, ease of use are some of the most sought-after features by a marketer. The service should also provide options to be integrated across platforms apps, making it easier to work.

Listed below, are our top 5 picks among the SMTP service providers that would fulfill all e-mail marketing requirements.

1.MailGet SMTP Relay Service Provider:

MailGet SMTP Relay Service Provider


MailGet SMTP is a premium SMTP relay service provider which has some of the advanced and futuristic features, thus allowing emails to get delivered to the inbox of users.

Users might as well configure this cloud-based service with just a few clicks, plus emails can be delivered immediately which can maximize the promotional campaigns.


  • Immediate delivery is guaranteed as all the servers used by MailGet SMTP services are 100% reliable and whitelisted.
  • Each & every email delivered from MailGet SMTP service would for sure land in the inbox of the receiver as it provides 100% inbox delivery.
  • Bulk emailing becomes a simple step-by-step process, plus users can also send emails from multiple domains and use different addresses.

 2. Mandrill Email Server Solution:

Mandrill Email Server Solution


Mandrill is another popular name in the field of SMTP service providers as it provides a reputed SMTP platform to deliver emails. It is constructed on the same MailChimp infrastructure. With the help of this, emails can be sent in bulk.

But one of the major drawbacks for the usage is that the users would be only able to send transactional emails and not marketing or promotional emails.


  • Mandrill SMTP and API gets integrated with just a few clicks and is very simple to connect as there are no complex settings in it.
  • Sending transactional emails in bulk with this SMTP service provider becomes fast and easy.
  • One or more dedicated IP can be added to send emails with Mandrill.

 3. SendPulse Service:


SendPulse Service is a multi-channel marketing platform which is more than just an email service, offering multiple channels of communication with customers, like email, web push notifications, SMS and Viber. Now, users can send different types of messages separately or combine them into autoresponders.


  • The drag and drop email editor allows creating professional email templates, at the quickest pace. Also, here technical skills or HTML knowledge are not needed to create a template.
  • Automation 360 feature allows to set up email send-out, web push notifications, and SMS flows depending on variables, events, and the actions users take.
  • The Subscriber Rating option analyzes the activity of subscribers, segments the mailing list, roping in a personal approach to working with them.
  • Personalizing the e-mails addresses customers by name, inserting any information the marketing experts have about them into the emails.
  • Creation of a unique subscription form using corporate colors and style. It is then placed on the site, and after collecting subscribers, emails are sent to them.

 4. SMTP Provider Best Relay SMTP Service:

SMTP Provider is a reliable and cost-effective means used for sending transactional, promotional as well as subscription emails in bulk. It is easy to use and implement SMTP service which only requires few simple steps to set up.


  • With SMTP Provider experts can upload, extend and easily manage multiple contacts, hence improving the efficiency of email marketing campaigns.
  • This SMTP server reaches the inbox of the users to whom the email is being sent.
  • This SMTP relay service provider uses whitelisted servers and handovers all the reports related to the actions performed.

To conclude, after reading this blog, the marketing users would be definitely proven beneficial, thus definitely find a good SMTP service for the business.

5. Amazon SES Bulk SMTP Server:


Amazon SES offers the best and is definitely one of the most renowned SMTP service providers that allow sending transactional emails in few minutes. This is an affordable solution which comes configured with various advanced features to conduct large-scale email campaigns.


  • Amazon SES offers multiple email sending interfaces which are more effective and efficient in delivering emails.

  • Conducting bulk emailing campaigns is a much-needed thing these days and thus with Amazon SES this works quickly as users would be able to send thousands of emails with a single click.

  • All the servers used are certainly whitelisted servers which assures inbox delivery providing an extra level of safety. Users would be also able to monitor the activities performed on sent emails which would be helpful in correcting errors.

Now the choice is yours. Make your pick and start mailing.

One response to “Top 5 Email marketing and SMTP Service Providers 2018”

  1. Cobby says:

    My personal experience amazon ses and maichimp at one of the last places.
    Found small email provider called and to be honest i feel very comfy with it. Many email marketing companies are overrated. If it wasn’t smtpboxes I’d go with MailGet.

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