Web designing and development is getting trendy nowadays. Almost every second person is interested in learning web development. It is because of the huge demand in the market. Technology and trends updated every day, and everyday new technology comes in the web development field.

There are various tools and software are obtainable at present that makes programmer life very easy. The person who has less experience in coding but has interest in development can also develop a better website. WordPress, Wix and many more tools are available to create a website with drag and drop concept.

If discuss only WordPress, then it is an open source website creation tool that is written in PHP. It is the most powerful and useful website and blogging content management system. Web creation becomes very easy because of this tool.

1.Responsive website 

Responsiveness of a website is important for the successful business. Mobile users are higher than the desktop users and most websites open up via mobile phones. It allows you to make mobile-friendly website or blogs.

There are several mobile-first themes that are fully responsive and support by all mobile platforms. Do not use boring and out-dated themes and updated the user interface on your website and make it more attractive.

2. Concept of Drag and Drop

This concept made development very easy. You can easily drag and drop the files, images on your website. It enables you to retain complete control over most the design elements without interrupting the whole internal structure.

This made editing and modification very easily. With this amazing concept, it made web development very easy for non-coders also. It gives developers a flexibility and feasibility to make amazing layouts in less time.

3. Parallax design

This trend helps in making a one-page website more effective and responsive. Parallax scrolling is very popular and almost every second website uses this concept. It creates an immersive impression of depth. If this concept uses well on the website then your WordPress website will easily get popularity. Before implement, this feature learns h whole concept to implement this.

4. Best Video Headers 

Some of the WP themes simply allow users to edit a video header. Video headers allow you to add images with decorative motion. Also, with headers, it is very easy to add videos to your websites with the use of some plugins.

Video headers or video background is an old concept for the developers but in WordPress, it is a new trend. Web developers are trying to adopt this new trend to attract the more visitors towards their websites.

5. E-Commerce Themes 

Most of the websites that are created by WordPress are based on E-commerce. It is one of the most effective trends that are also used on a major scale in near future. This trend provides a boom to E-Commerce industry. The woo commerce application made the development of websites very easy. Woo-commerce is a free plugin that is used for e-commerce websites.

There are multiple other trends used in WordPress such as static page website, use of images, use of VR optimized themes and much more. It is one of the most famous content management systems; it offers so many existing features in the world of development. In today job market, demand for the web developers and designers is on raise. Because of huge demand, vacancies are also increased.

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