Sometimes when new specifications on your website, you may need to switch back and forth between users accounts with different user roles. While you can manually log out and log in to a new user account, it is the most inefficient use of your time. Let us see how to instantly switch between user accounts in WordPress.

Why and when do you require to switch user accounts

By default, WordPress permits you to add new users and authors to your website. Each user on your website has a user role assigned to them which gives them permissions to perform different tasks on your website.

You can also permit users to register on your website and set a default user role for all new users by visiting the settings -> general page.

As the site owner, you are automatically assigned the administrator user role on your website. This gives you complete control including the ability to manage all user accounts.

While testing new characteristics on your website, you may need to see how things would look for users with different user roles and permissions This is particularly essential when you are running a WordPress membership website or an online store. The manual way to do this is to simply log in using the credentials for each user account and test those features.

However, this would take a lot of time. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just switch to any user account instantly and then switch back when you are done testing?

Let’s take a look at how to instantly switch between user accounts in WordPress without entering passwords.

Using a Plugin to instantly switch between user accounts

Firstly, you need to install and activate the user switching plugin. Once it gets activated, you need to to the Users page in your in your WordPress admin. On this page, you will see a ‘Switch to’ link next to each user account.

User switching is only handy for users with an administrator user role. Once you have switched to a new user account, you can continue testing your website logged in as that user.

Once you are done, you can switch back to your own user account by clicking on the notification displayed on the screen.

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